Welcome to the Ball 2017

This site will provide all you want to know about the Bodgers Ball 2017. Check back to find out how the ball is shaping up in the run up to the 10th May 2017. If you want to contribute, have a great idea, or have some experience you want to share, use the comment section at the bottom of each page.

This ball seeks to look back to those pleasures and provide a space to allow/encourage those activities. The ball is made of some simple facilities in a field and you.

To book a course     To book a place at the Ball

Don’t forget to attend a course and the Ball you need tickets for both.

Great day in field

Today: marquee up, gateway re-organised, wood delivered, field layout in progress. Sunny day, several cups of tea, in special mugs. Locals curious.

Tomorrow: signs, toilets, generator, some beer, shopping for odds and ends, water connected to tap, marquee layout, field layout complete. Another sunny day expected.

You have got to come now we have ordered the beer

We have selected five different ales and a great cider for your enjoyment, from two of the many local breweries in the area.We are also buying in large amounts of  tea, coffee and squash.

For the first time we have a little gift for all who help out at the ball so sign up when you register to secure your memento of the 28th Bodgers Ball.


Courses are going

We now have 40 individual courses on offer in the run up to the Ball by 20 tutors offering 261 places. We have 48 of those places taken up in the first 3 days of being on sale.

If you looking to sharpen up your skills you need to act soon.

Busy courses at start of Ball

There are 15 courses on offer in the days before the Ball. Something for everyone. Gavin has done a grand job in bringing together a large range of skills for sale.The booking link will open soon, we were aiming for the start of March and nobody has told me any different.

The local team has been working hard selecting the beer and cider, it is a good job that we have a large enough team to check the beers and ciders of Shropshire, I never knew there was so many. The food will be next……..